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As your Property Management Agent, our priority is the efficient and effective management of your development. Blue Waters Residential’s responsibilities can differ from site to site subject to our clients’ wishes, but they usually include the following core block management services:


  • We keep our client Management Companies’ funds separate using a client money system (CMS), allowing for the interest accumulated by a development remains solely for the benefit of its’ residents. We maintain accounts on Sage to audit stage, liaise with HMRC and pay the relevant annual corporation taxes. We pay invoices on a prompt daily basis for services rendered, and prepare invoices to recoup funds when necessary.
  • We prepare and issue Service and Insurance Charge invoices in accordance with individual Leases and the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987 Section 48, and can invoice for Ground Rent where applicable. We collect and bank monies and organise the pursuing of late payments.
  • We provide Leaseholders with regular costs against budget and prepare annual budget figures to allow the Company Directors to set Service and Insurance charges to the appropriate levels.


  • We obtain competitive Insurance quotes to ensure that the development is fully covered at all times, and pass any commission-based discount directly back to the Management Company. We process communal Insurance claims and will advise on the applicability of internal claims to the general Buildings Insurance.
  • We ensure Estate Insurance procedures and Health & Safety regulations are adhered to on the development in order to prevent invalidation of the Buildings Insurance.


  • We obtain quotations for local services, and may advise Directors in deciding upon tenders based on previous experience of the companies involved. We manage the local Contractors including cleaning, gardening and maintenance on a daily basis.

Company Management

  • We maintain the statutory Company books in accordance with Company Law. Upon the sale of a property we issue new Share Certificates or Membership Certificates, provide sellers information packs to Solicitors and assist them in the preparation of the relevant legal paperwork.
  • We offer the option of fulfilling the role of Company Secretary and becoming the registered office of the Management Company. This includes booking facilities and preparing the Agenda for the Director’s meetings, AGMs and EGMs, as well as minuting the proceedings. Copies of the minutes of Director’s meetings are usually circulated to the Directors only, whilst all Leaseholders receive a copy of AGM/EGM minutes.
  • We can compile and produce newsletters for the development and circulate copies to all Leaseholders.
  • We provide the link between the Developer and the Management Company during the warranty period, assisting with the resolution of snagging and other issues. We also provide the link between the Directors and the Leaseholders.

Health & Safety

  • We ensure lift, security lighting and fire alarm tests and maintenance are carried out in accordance with Health and Safety legislation.

The Best Bespoke Block Management Package for You

We happily work with Management Company Directors to offer the suite of block management services which best suits the needs and budgets of each individual site, and can review and recommend alterations to these bespoke packages on an annual basis.

If you’re interested in seeing how Blue Waters Residential could improve the running of your estate or apartment block you should contact us today using the form below.

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