Cornish surfer epic fail wipeout

Right To Manage:
looks easy, right?

So does surfing.

Jump in, paddle a bit, hop on and ride that wave.

What could be simpler…

…until you give it a try!

Blue Waters Residential was born from the experiences of the Right To Manage process, and ever since we’ve been accumulating the experience necessary to run things smoothly and avoid the bumpy financial swells and legal currents that can dump fledgling Right To Manage companies into tricky waters. We understand the attractions of going through the Right To Manage process and managing your own affairs, so if you’re intent on giving it a go then we’re happy to consult not only on the Right To Manage process but the trials and tribulations that follow thereafter.

But if you value your precious spare time and you’re after a safer and easier solution by looking to appoint a block management company as your managing agent after the Right To Manage process is completed, you might want to consider us further…

Cornish bodyboarder wipeout

Laying down on the job doesn’t make block management – or surfing – any better.
We leave that to our competitors.

Clients making the switch to Blue Waters Residential are fed up of alternative providers delivering little service for their service charges. Our block management service is second to none. We know this because that’s what our customers tell us, and we’ve love you to share in their peace of mind and sense of satisfaction too. All we’re selling is:

  • bespoke service packages to suit your community,
  • reliable financial controls and planning,
  • separate bank accounts for each development,
  • friendly and helpful staff,
  • sourcing best value quotes from trusted brokers & contractors,
  • passing on the maximum savings possible because WE NEVER TAKE COMMISSIONS from insurers & contractors.

We don’t push additional discounted services which which you might need now but won’t later, leaving the block management as an afterthought.

We don’t make misleading promises of slashing services charges that seem sweet right up until those big building works are needed just when there’s no reserve fund to pay for it, along with the social friction that big financial demands can place on different owners with different incomes, or the risk to selling your property once your buyer’s solicitors find the management company’s funds are critical.

We don’t make up for low service charges by taking kickbacks from suppliers, giving with the one hand whilst taking with the other.

Cornish surfer carving

We’ll keep your development steady on it’s feet and looking good too!

We always aim to help manage developments in the long-term interests of all concerned. Estate and block management is not some distracting sideline or spin-off concern for us. Delivering high quality block property management services is our sole focus. We manage a numerous and diverse range of estates and apartment blocks throughout Devon and Cornwall, regularly visiting such locations as Falmouth, St Ives and Penzance in the West as well as the likes of Plymouth, Holsworthy and Westward Ho! in the east.

So why not get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve not only a successful result through Right To Manage, but also a professional and well-run management company afterwards too. Simply fill in the form below, or call us on 01209 218444.

Disclaimer: None of the surfers pictured above work for Blue Waters Residential. We’re not very good surfers, but we’re certainly really good at estate and block management!

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